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Markman’s has specialized in bridal ring purchases for 3 generations. We can help you find the perfect ring and pair it with the ideal diamonds for you and your loved one. We have a beautiful selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, and anniversary rings to symbolize your love. Our experienced staff are ready to help you.

Bridal Jewelry

Everyone says that your wedding day is the most important day of your life and while we certainly won’t disagree, we understand that every day that comes after it is just as notable. As you continue your journey together as a married couple, you want to celebrate your unique love while looking back fondly at the day you were officially united. The selection of bridal jewelry at Markman’s Diamonds can help you do just that.

Our carefully curated selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, and anniversary rings contains pieces of all different styles and tastes. When you’re looking for diamond bridal jewelry that speaks to your unique love story, trust the experienced team at Markman’s Diamonds to help you find the perfect rings for you and your special someone.

Jewelry For Every Marriage Milestone

From the moment one person pops the question, the right jewelry can beautifully accent every milestone of your marriage. From the exuberant “yes” of the proposal to every anniversary following “I do,” Markman’s Diamonds has been specializing in helping couples find their perfect rings since 1976. Thanks to our decades of experience, we can ensure that you and your sweetheart have the right jewelry for every occasion.

Engagement Rings: No matter how long you’ve been together as a couple, a marriage proposal is one of the most significant steps in your journey together. Within the selection of bridal jewelry at Markman’s Diamonds, you can find the engagement ring with the perfect style, cut, and color for your soon-to-be-spouse.

Wedding Bands: Picking out the right wedding bands is essential. After all, they play a central role on your wedding day and you’ll be wearing them for the rest of your lives. We boast a collection modern and traditional styles in the glass cases at Markman’s Diamonds, guaranteeing that you will find the right rings for you.

Anniversary Jewelry: What better way is there to commemorate your special day than with stunning anniversary jewelry? These exquisite pieces suit couples that have been together for any number of years, whether it’s been 5 years or 25 years.

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When you’re ready to invest in bridal jewelry to commemorate a milestone in your marriage, rely on the expertise and selection at Markman’s Diamonds. Our rings come from trusted brands and are sure to make you fall in love with your partner all over again.

Browse through some photos of our favorite pieces of bridal jewelry and then schedule a one-on-one appointment with one of our experienced salespeople today. With two convenient locations in Tennessee, we’re ready to help you find the jewelry you need.

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